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Ian Michels

Marketing Consultant

Ian was first introduced to digital marketing and martech while in the non-profit industry. This introduction sparked a flame that quickly became a thirst for learning leading him to explore the world of opportunity in the digital marketing space. He crossed paths with LeadMD and applied to Marketemy and graduated in the program’s inaugural Class of 2018.  After a summer of being immersed in the world of digital marketing, helping organizations get the same value out of their marketing investments, he knew this was the career he had always dreamed of having, so he jumped the ship from the non-profit sector and joined LeadMD as a full-time Marketing Associate.

Ian is passionate about learning all he can about digital marketing, technology, and innovations that help marketing departments grow their organizations. He wants nothing more than to use this knowledge to help others increase revenue and inspire growth in their passion areas.

Ian is married to Katelyn and they have a little girl. In his free time, he loves going on dates with his wife, wrestling with his kiddo, spending time with family, going to the gym, and/or reading a book in a quiet place.


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