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Technology Layers to Empower the Customer Experience


The freelance (or gig) economy has enabled millions of people around the world to work as they wish. Companies that enable this connection must facilitate a free market of options, funding and deliverable exchange, without losing users during the process. How could our client keep users engaged and coming back to the platform?


Despite mountains of data and fully understanding the challenge, technology wasn't solving the issue. The solution started by leveraging LeadMD's technology layers methodology to isolate the issue at the Orchestration Layer. Once the gap was recognized, filling it meant aligning technology, people and process.

The Results

Creating a great customer experience, while maintaining the bottom line is the charge of all great revenue-focused marketers. When this client came to LeadMD, their ask was something we often hear, “We want to email our users from Marketo.” The client saw Marketo as a path to better automation and personalization for their users. Yet, during our initial conversations, it became clear there was more to the story.

Users are not one-dimensional and therefore, it became clear that attempting to segment and target messaging based only on one-dimensional data fields on the profile record would never create the best experience. But beyond the customer experience, the existing database structure hindered a deeper understanding of our client about their customer as well.

We all wanted to better understand the customer, their usage of the application and ultimately we fixated on how to keep users in-app longer and loyal. This started with an assessment of user behaviors, existing technology and the intersection of marketing, product and sales. The output was a diagnosis of the gaps and a roadmap to create the supporting data architecture to facilitate the right customer experience.