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Marketo Retained Support and Preference Center Build


Marketo is a powerful tool that organizations can leverage to prove the impact of marketing. However, without the proper setup and management, it can also be an expensive email tool or even worse, tech debt that accomplishes nothing. New leadership at Betterworks knew the tool could do more; they just didn’t know where to start.


LeadMD’s dozens of Marketo experts have over one hundred years of combined experience on the Marketo platform. We started with a Marketo health check, where we assessed not only platform usage, but how critical foundational issues in data, CRM sync and campaign execution impacted downstream reporting.

The Results

For many organizations, Marketo is the engine by which they manage leads, deploy campaigns and report. Despite the legions of “Marketo experts,” finding proficient resources to administer Marketo can not only be challenging, but expensive. With LeadMD’s Marketo managed services, Betterworks found a cheat. LeadMD runs Marketo, while they focus on their customers.

Within weeks of signing, LeadMD’s Marketo experts had uncovered critical areas in need of improving. Together, the Betterworks and LeadMD teams assessed these areas by level of effort and impact to prioritize. Through two week sprints, they marched through the challenges, resolving them systematically.

For larger needs, in this case a preference center, an independent project and supporting team were spun up. With a robust project plan, manned by a dedicated LeadMD project manager, the teams put the preference center project into motion while maintaining momentum and diligence on Marketo platform improvements.

With LeadMD beside them, maintaining Marketo, the Betterworks marketing team can focus on their customers and spreading their message instead of performing painstaking country normalization assessments and fixes. See their CMO, Luanne Tierney, talk to LeadMD CMO, Andrea Lechner-Becker about marketing trends and why business to human is here to stay: