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Hubspot to Marketo Engage Migration


With their Hubspot contract end date looming and a laundry list of assets to transition, the BombBomb marketing team was excited, but nervous about transitioning marketing automation platforms. With the ultimate goal of increasingly customer lifetime value, the team wanted their new system to provide reporting which would tell them where to pivot with the transition risking customer happiness.


With both Hubspot and Marketo Engage experts on staff, LeadMD has moved hundreds of teams who outgrow Hubspot onto Marketo Engage. While working with LeadMD, BombBomb’s marketers had a knowledgeable translator to take what they had in Hubspot and transition it seamlessly into Marketo Engage language and functionality.

The Results

Within weeks of implementing Marketo Engage plus Bizible, the BombBomb marketing team could report 5-digit Closed Won revenue contribution. Beyond showing results, with the Bizible implementation and integration, there were finally able to see which campaigns generated the revenue to invest more there, while throttling back on campaigns not generating results.

LeadMD’s Marketo Engage implementation framework focuses on business outcomes, but ultimately that means getting things done better and more efficiently. In addition to revenue, the team saved over 60 hours per month managing the system and reporting manually.

Specific simplification of data and assets included:

  • 1500 manually manage lists transitioned to an automated, master database in Marketo Engage
  • 155 forms became to 5 global Marketo Engage forms
  • 290 workflows in Hubspot transformed into 12 Marketo Engage programs with dynamic tokens and emails
  • Integration between Marketo Engage lead scoring, Bizible attribution and product-specific data to model and predict churn, time to buy and lifetime value

Given the quick turnaround (60 days until Hubspot’s end date), project management was a key differentiator in our success. With joint commitment to the timeline, BombBomb’s dedicate project manager and delivery team worked in 2-week sprints to plan deliverables, communicate and execute.