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Audience Intelligence


How do we design an individualized customer experience to engage people with the right message at the right time to reduce churn and increase product attachment?


Our project had two distinct parts including deep audience intelligence leading into developing customer experiences to delight.

The Results

“This is a $1,000,000 document.” – Client CEO

After compiling first- and third-party research, our data sciences team came away with audience insights that challenged existing beliefs and gave states new ways to engage with new customers, reduce churn and attach more licenses.

Once we better understood the audience, we crafted experiences to delight different segments of the client’s audience. At each stage of the customer journey, we identified what they needed to engage, grow, renew and expand their license holdings. Each of these moments were translated into campaigns (or plays) and compiled in a playbook.

The playbook included fifteen (15) plays to run across acquisition, retention and reengagement. As our client is a service provider of this information to government agencies, our work also included enablement assets to help states deploy these ideas easily and efficiently.