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ABM Technology Audit and Roadmap


Marketers generally aren’t data scientists and seldom trained in data management best practices. And so, it’s common for marketing data to … well suck. Despite the pain around data, explaining to marketers there is a better way is fraught with challenges. Luckily our client’s own solution meant highly organized data. The only question was, “How do we build the right technology stack to help our people operationalize it?”


LeadMD’s decade plus working with B2B marketers uniquely positioned us to solve this challenge. We looked at our client’s goals, documented and assessed their existing technology stack to determine what elements to keep and where gaps existed.

The Results

Our approach to assessing technology investments isn’t just about product usage, it’s about the impact of the product on business outcomes that align to company objectives. We do this via explicit maturity models per focus area in our Catalyst Marketing Framework. The result of this assessment was a determination that our client had achieved a Scaling level of proficiency on their way to Seasoned.

We aligned specific technologies with their impact resulting in a clear categorization of Keep, Optimize, Migrate, Remove and Add. You can see the full funnel recommendations in the flowchart above, but highlights of the recommendation include:

  • Keep: Salesforce as the CRM hub
  • Optimize: Drift for, not only, its top of funnel engagement abilities, but create more interactive options, such as a quiz
  • Migrate: From Pardot and Full Circle Insights to Marketo and Bizible to enable better marketing ROI reporting
  • Remove: Clearbit, which only duplicates augmented data from other vendors
  • Add: LeanData to automatically convert Salesforce Leads to Contacts and associate to the correct accounts to facilitate an account-based view of activity

In addition to formulating the ideal technology to support our client’s go-to-market account-based marketing and sales motions, we always focus on reporting. Investing in the technology and the campaigning will only prove valuable once one can report that efficacy. Therefore, we also recommended a shift to the reporting metrics to better align with an ABM-focused go-to-market strategy.