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Experienced marketers have never been in greater demand.

Successful marketing depends on the experience and skills of your people. Moving quickly from vision to planning to getting things done requires a solid team with both broad and deep talent. Due to market pressure, finding and keeping that talent can not only be challenging, but sometimes unnecessary.

Retainer Staff Augmentation

Managed Services

LeadMD Managed Services offerings come in several different packages to meet your short or long-term talent needs. Thousands of organizations trusted us to help them build best-in-class marketing and sales engines with our consistent marketing efficiency.

Each retainer is structured in a highly customized manner to meet the specific needs and performance goals of your organization. So, let’s meet your new team.


Customized Service Plans

Our most robust offering, if you’re looking for a true extension of your in-house team, welcome to full-service. To see results from your marketing efforts you need to promote great alignment from Strategy and Planning all the way through Tactics and Technology. You need a team that can steward your organizational goals, translates them into execution and course correct where necessary. This type of agile environment is the fire in which our full-service retainers were forged. Our goal is to help clients develop relationships with their most ideal buyers. We do that by:

  • Content Ideation & Production – web pages, blog articles, nurture, landing pages, and premium content such as ebooks or infographics.
  • Designing experiences – great design is the backbone of engaging communication, we help you lead the buyer through a visually appealing journey.
  • Tactical execution – your process and messaging, operationalized. We created most of the best practices that surround the modern-day tech stack. 3000+ client engagements across every modern platform in existence. There’s simply no one better at running revenue operations.
  • End-to-End Campaigns – from promotion to conversion to nurture to acceleration to customer to advocate – we get results because we ‘get’ modern day marketing.
  • Analytics & Optimization – set it and forget is a recipe for failure, with our multi-disciplinary, agile teams we’re in the trenches one moment and helping you tweak a quarterly results deck for the board of directors the next. Your customer is ever evolving, and by analyzing the results of our programs we’ll stay ahead of the curve.

Revenue Operations, it’s new, it’s critical and it’s daunting. Today’s MarTech landscape is expansive and sometimes you just need to augment your in-house team with a high-performing resource steeped in best practices. That’s when you need one of our Staff Augmentation plans. By outsourcing your marketing and sales operations lift to us, you can get back to do the marketing you want to do, without the quality risks operations is known for. Don’t ever compromise quality.

Life happens – whether its maternity or paternity leave, illness, extended leave, sudden loss of resources or any of the hundreds of other unexpected changes that can really derail your well-oiled machine. You can’t afford for your revenue engine to stall while you work to fill the gaps, you need hard to find talent and you need it now! Our On-Demand Support plan was designed for you. The same multi-disciplinary or operational offerings our customers rely on to augment their teams on a longer-term basis are available in a true on-demand, month-to-month model.

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LeadMD provides a broad range of managed services from strategic guidance through tactical deployment. Meet with our team to discuss how our expertise can help expedite your growth goals.