Marketo Email 2.0: What's New? What's Possible? What are you waiting for?

marketo email 2.0

Why haven’t you switched yet?

1913. “Tin Lizzies” roll of Henry Ford’s assembly line every two and a half hours. People are crazy about the newfangled contraption taking the country by storm. And yet we all know the cautionary tale of the buggy whip manufacturer who said, “It’s just a fad. Let’s keep making better buggy whips.”

Are you still trying to make Marketo Email 1.0 better? Why haven’t you stepped up to 2.0 yet? It’s understandable that a buggy whip manufacturer a hundred years ago would balk at the thought of scrapping his entire production line because Ford came out with something new. But you could probably be up and running on (and realizing the benefits of) Email 2.0 in an afternoon.

Check out what 2.0 means for you!
Added bonus: Grab our Email 2.0 checklist and make sure you’re doing things right every time!

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