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Are You Misinformed? The Truth About Marketing Automation


In an increasingly fragmented, customer-driven marketplace, blast campaigns are too impersonal to be effective, while broad messaging is often ignored by buyers accustomed to highly tailored approaches. From creating relevant content to choosing the time and channels of distribution, marketers must drill into tightly defined categories to deliver a resonant campaign that hits the mark.

By working in tandem with the business’ customer relationship management (CRM) system, marketing automation can track a buyer’s path of online interactions with a company and respond every step of the way with tailored and intelligent messaging. For instance, a prospect who downloaded an e-book or clicked through on a newsletter link could then receive a corresponding email designed to deepen his interest or trigger an additional behavior.

By receiving relevant content such as emails or landing pages at the right time, the prospect is coaxed through the funnel every step of the way. Read more to find out how to wade through to the truth.

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