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Andrea Lechner-Becker

Raising a Digital Glass of Bubbly to our Clients and Employees

Andrea Lechner-Becker / October 20, 2020 / 0 Comments

We’ve had the privilege of working with incredible clients and employees over our decade in business. From CEOs and CMOs to email marketing coordinators and analysts and everyone in between, we’ve seen these teams achieve the loftiest of goals. Yet, in 2020 small wins seem enormous and big wins take on a whole new meaning. That’s why we’re especially excited to share some well deserved recognition our clients and team members have recently received.

If you’ve ever wondered how working with a consultancy can impact your team, check out a few of their stories:

OpsStars Awards

Our client, Confirmit, was named an OpsStar Finalist for Highest ROI Program of the year. Confirmit is known for delivering the world’s leading solutions for Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and Market Research programs. The company has enjoyed growth and increased market share over the years, and had a well-oiled marketing and sales machine in place. However, despite strong performance indicators, the middle of the funnel was a friction point for Confirmit for quite some time. Historically, only 21 percent of MQLs take a meeting while just 15 percent turn into an opportunity. The team knew they could improve their ROI and marketing influenced opportunities significantly if they worked on fixing the middle of their funnel. Through hard work, proper planning and some tech implementations, the team was able to achieve mind blowing results, including:

  • On average, display ads have generated one million impressions within target accounts each year, with a 42 percent increase in impressions in 2020 from 2019
  • $3.1 million year-over-year pipeline growth
  • Of the $3.1 million year-over-year growth, 75 percent came from account-based ads and intent signals

Another client, Atlassian, was also named an OpsStar Finalist for Lead Management Program Transformation of the Year. Atlassian has been on a wild growth path for many years, acquiring numerous companies along the way. These acquisitions were strategic and supported the brand’s growth, but also brought accompanying challenges of integrating new products, technologies, platforms and infrastructure into an already large company. Atlassian’s focus on giving their customers the best experience drove them to prioritize company-wide visibility into customer interactions.

Leveraging Marketo’s robust Salesforce (SFDC) integration, Atlassian’s marketing and sales teams transformed their customers’ experiences, one product at a time. The Atlassian team was able to integrate two product lines into the new, tested and scalable technology infrastructure in the first 60 days, with a total of five new product lines within the 2020 fiscal year. The integrations set the standard for future efforts, both for the remaining product lines and any future acquisitions.

It takes a team to achieve these types of results, but every team needs a champion.

Individual Champions of Change

This year, Demand Gen Report awarded Rachel Cain, Digital Marketing Manager at Eastman, a B2B Innovator Award in the Vertical Virtuosos category. This is a fancy way of saying that Rachel led an innovative go-to-market strategy for her brand. Rachel and her team engaged us to help them bring all business units onto Marketo and perform a Salesforce integration. They also identified opportunities to improve lead process automation, immediately assigning the hottest leads to sales for follow-up and filling the sales funnel with more qualified leads. This enables the team to nurture leads until they could go to sales and develop a baseline for programs that deliver the most ROI.

And they killed it!

Rachel led the charge on the marketing transformation, and has driven some impressive results. The company has specifically seen marked improvements in ROI and other key metrics, such as:

  • Surpassing their goal within the first 8 months –– 2.5x ROI achieved –– project investment versus revenue generated as a result
  • Increase in campaign ROI by 86 percent compared to previous period – actual cost of campaigns and revenue generated
  • Establishment of baseline metrics for each business unit for MQLs and SALs
  • Better understanding of where customers are in their buying journey with lead lifecycle, which has led to prioritization of the most qualified leads for sales through lead scoring
  • Improved understanding of how customers engage with marketing through more robust and standardized program member tracking.
  • Automated lead assignment – leads are no longer manually uploaded and assigned by marketing.


And last but not least, is an award for one of our team members: Kirsten Markson. She has also been awarded a B2B Innovator Award from Demand Gen for the category of Top Buyer-Focused Marketers! Kirsten has been with our team since January, holding herself to the high standard of surpassing goals for clients and being the backup they need to achieve their goals. B2B marketers are often tasked with thinking outside the box and Kirsten Markson takes a unique approach, focusing on macro trends in the market, gaining deep understanding of competitive landscapes and placing high emphasis on hyper-personalized campaigns and change management. In other words, thinking like a B2C marketer.

This year alone, Kirsten was a part of a team hired by a leading fintech company that needed help focusing their ICP on bigger, more targeted accounts as well as creating processes for increased sales and marketing alignment. She delivered. Within the first quarter, the client saw a 22 percent increase in new business bookings over the previous quarter. In addition, marketing influenced just over 40 percent of new business revenue.

Another client, a global performance management company, turned to her to create a better defined ICP and lead management process. The project resulted in a 35 percent increase in bookings and 54 percent more meetings. Just as importantly, the organization is now aligned around who its best accounts are and how the organization will grow. As much as she enjoys putting her skills to use, we also rely on Kirsten to help expand global thought leadership around go-to-market approaches, learnings and results. She’s co-hosted and participated in webinars each month to educate the larger market on buyer intelligence, ABM best practices, research and competitive intelligence and go-to-market strategies.

In Conclusion

In the midst of a lot of uncertainty, it’s nice to know that regardless of what we’re facing, having a focused approach, with the right, experienced support, goals can be met..er…blown out of the water. Here’s a big digital glass raised to the winners, you all earned it and we’re proud to have walked the journey with you.


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