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January 11, 2018

ME Network Ep 72: Jill Rowley on Social Selling, Role of CMO’s Today, and More!

This week’s episode of Marketing Evangelist Network features Jill Rowley, a social selling evangelist, keynote speaker, and strategic business advisor. In December 2017, she joined Marketo as Chief Growth Advisor to evangelize on behalf of the Marketing Nation and expand the company’s digital sales transformation. Jill and Justin discuss her new gig and what she wants marketers to know going…

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November 27, 2017

What Is a Sales Playbook? Hint: It’s Not a Sales Script

Memorizing lines is maybe 5% of what makes an actor great. Yes, it’s important to know what to say, but it’s more important to know how a character sees the world beyond the script. Where did they come from? What’s important to them? What do they want in every scene? Proper context not only helps in line delivery, but having…

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November 13, 2017

The New Bigger Cost of Bad Data

Let’s be honest: nearly every organization struggles with data challenges. Ranging anywhere from ineffective data management solutions to patchy data security to, well, just plain incorrect and outdated data. It’s such a common problem that the phrase “bad data” itself (or it’s edgier cousin “Dirty Data”) is now a widely accepted term that covers every data inconsistency under the sun….

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October 26, 2017

Hey Sales, We Need You Writing Content. Mkay?

The typical cycle of content development goes something like this: Executive and/or marketing team comes up with an interesting topic or email campaign idea. Marketing does the writing. Once complete and approved, marketing throws it up on the website and maybe sends an email or Slack out to the sales team with a desperate plea to ‘use it!’ And there…

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