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Ann Marie Sastry | CEO & Founder

Being a CEO During an Economic Downturn, An Interview with Ann Marie Sastry

Andrea Lechner-Becker

By Andrea Lechner-Becker
June 11, 2020

Ann Marie, start-up founder of Sakti3 and now Amesite knows how to navigate an economic downturn. Learn her tips for staying optimistic and winning despite adversity.

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Being a CEO During an Economic Downturn, An Interview with Ann Marie Sastry

Ann Marie Sastry | CEO & Founder

Runtime 35:16

Ann Marie Sastry, CEO of Amesite, knows a thing or two about navigating an economic downturn. She was a professor of mechanical, biomedical and material science and engineering at the University of Michigan when her startup, Sakti3, was spun out of technology from the university during the 2008 recession. The company was later acquired by Dyson. Learn from her experience…


Steve Blank

Steve Blank | Entrepreneur and Educator

Runtime 40:41

Steve Blank, leader of the Lean Start-Up movement and 8-time founder shares his secret sauce for entrepreneurs looking to keep, grow or start business during a Pandemic and beyond. Subscribe to the Podcast to receive alerts as new episodes post.  3 Key Points: Relentlessness. If you’re going to be a start-up CEO, you need to go places others won’t. You…


What Makes a Start-Up Appealing to an Investor?

Nick Lissette and Tim Crown | Black Pearl Mail and Crown Ventures

Runtime 37:00

In this episode of Catalyst, LeadMD CEO, Justin Gray, sits down with Nick Lisette and Tim Crown. Nick is the founder and CTO of start-up Black Pearl Mail and Tim is the chairman of the board and former CEO of Insight and principal of Crown Ventures. During the interview Nick walks us through his journey of raising capital in the U.S….


What is Revenue Operations? Lessons Learned from the Allocadia Team

Revenue Operations Team | Allocadia

Runtime 41:00

Revenue Operations seems to be the hot, new title, experiencing incredible growth. Take it from Dana’s chart*. So, I sat down with the team from Allocadia to learn why they hired a Rev Ops person, what they’ve learned and where the role sits in their org chart (hint: it is NOT under sales OR marketing). Subscribe to the Podcast to…


Lessons from the Start-Up Trenches with Hubspot’s Dan Tyre

Dan Tyre | Sales Director at Hubspot

Runtime 34:00

If you’ve never seen or heard Dan Tyre speak, you’re in for a treat. His path to his current position at Hubspot is filled with ups and downs, which our written words can hardly do justice. You’ve gotta just lean back and let Dan keep you smiling with his insatiable energy and excitement for business, leadership and learning. Subscribe to…


Start with Your People | An Interview with Author, Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon | Co-Founder and Director at hope*writers

Runtime 34:01

Author and business coach, Brian Dixon, had two catalysts for changing his approach to business and life. Both have to do with taking a stronger focus on people. Listen or watch his advice for leaders looking to truly impact their teams and businesses by creating meaningful relationships with your people. Subscribe to the Podcast to receive alerts as new episodes…


Building an Entrepreneurial Culture | Interview with Salesloft CEO, Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter | Salesloft

Runtime 32:28

LeadMD CEO, Justin Gray, joins SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter on this episode of the Catalyst Podcast. Kyle opens up about his path to becoming CEO of the Atlanta based, current #1 sales engagement platform. Focusing on stories of health-related issues early in his life along with struggling to find his path, Kyle’s hunger for prosperity proved to overcome all. Not afraid…


Balancing Entrepreneurship and Family | Interview with Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos Hidalgo | CEO and founder | VisumCx

Runtime 44:49

Special guest, Carlos Hidalgo,  joins LeadMD CEO, Justin Gray, on this premiere episode of the Catalyst Podcast. Carlos, current CEO and founder of VisumCx, shares lessons from his professional and personal lives. From a non-stop traveling marketing director to starting his own consulting firm, this episode is filled with intimate honesty about work, life and what’s important to stay happy in both. Subscribe…


First Marketing Hire at Convoy | Interview with Jennifer Wong, Head of Marketing

Jennifer Wong | Hire at Convoy

Runtime 40:52

LeadMD CMO, Andrea Lechner-Becker, sits down with Jennifer Wong on this premiere episode of the Catalyst Podcast. Jennifer opens up to tell her unique story as she joined Convoy’s team as their very first marketing hire. Grabbing the bull by the horns, Jennifer applied her marketing knowledge as well as her experience to build this trucking company’s marketing department from the…