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New Episode 9

Carilu Dietrich | Fractional CMO, 1Password Advisor

An interview with Carilu Dietrich on the state of B2B in 2021

Justin Gray

By Justin Gray
April 30, 2021

Carilu Dietrich joins the Catalyst Podcast to share top takeaways from 2020 and why she's optimistic for B2B in 2021 and beyond.

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The Official Catalyst Podcast features business leaders at the top of their game, who refuse to accept the status quo. Hosted by LeadMD, the leading revenue performance consultancy, we leverage the breadth of our network to bring you stories of impact and change. From inspirational and unique concepts, to practical tips you can take into your day-to-day, if you're frustrated by the status quo in business and aim to change it, this podcast is for you!

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An interview with Carilu Dietrich on the state of B2B in 2021

Carilu Dietrich | Fractional CMO, 1Password Advisor

Runtime 38:36

If predicting the future were as easy as looking into a crystal ball, we’d all be billionaires. So as we round out Season 3 of the Catalyst Podcast, we do the next best thing: invite Carilu Dietrich to the podcast. Carilu is a strategic advisor to high growth tech companies, with experience across the board as a marketing executive at…


How COVID-19 inspired an entrepreneur to build Helping Hands Community: Interview with Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller | Co-founder and CEO of Helping Hands Community

Runtime 27:26

Jeff Miller spent the last 10 years of his career at the intersection of technology and transportation, once as a founding CEO, once as an executive at Uber and more recently as an investor and advisor to venture and private equity backed companies. But like everyone else, he found himself at a crossroads in the spring of 2020 when COVID-19…


What Do Hybrid Events Mean for Marketers: Interview with Michael Balyasny

Michael Balyasny | Founder and CEO of Attendify

Runtime 43:38

Michael Balyasny is the founder and chief visionary behind Attendify, a software that bridges the gap between digital marketing and event marketing. As a product and design-driven entrepreneur, Michael is recognized as an expert in event technology, an industry that’s grown to well over $30 billion dollars. In this episode, Michael joined LeadMD CEO Justin Gray to discuss how the…


How to Shift Ahead Through Change: Interview with Allen Adamson

Allen Adamson | Co-founder of Metaforce

Runtime 36:01

A noted industry expert in all disciplines of branding, Allen Adamson has worked with consumer and corporate businesses in industries spanning technology, healthcare, financial services, and packaged goods, to name a few. He’s the co-founder of Metaforce – a marketing and product consultancy – and is the author of Shift Ahead, a book on how organizations stay relevant. In this…


Personalized Video is Changing the Future of B2B Sales: Interview with Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard | VP of Marketing

Runtime 33:24

In the spring of 2020, when the world shifted to remote working, organizations from every vertical turned to video as a means to connect and share messages in lieu of in-person meetings. For the B2B sector, video became a lifeline to prospective buyers and customers. So it should come as no surprise that Vidyard, a leading video platform for marketing…


How Workplaces are Evolving for the Better: Interview with Chris French

Chris French | EVP of Customer Strategy

Runtime 32:32

Today’s episode of the Catalyst Podcast centers on the modern workplace and how quickly it has shifted in the wake of 2020 and COVID-19. In this episode, host Justin Gray welcomes Chris French. As EVP of Customer Strategy at Workhuman – the fastest growing social recognition and performance management platform –  Chris shares how corporate cultures of some of the…