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Justin Gray

A Nod to the Buddha Belly

Justin Gray / May 03, 2011 / 0 Comments

I was recently forwarded a link by Lauren Carlson @CRMAdvice to Mac McConnell, partner and founder of BlueBird Strategies talking about Lead Scoring and it’s effect on the marketing and sales funnel. Although Bluebird is technically my competitor I think Mac touches on some good points here, most importantly that firms who teach lead scoring should be using it themselves! All to often we run across the “cobblers children” scenario where firms talk a good game around lead scoring but rarely execute on their own advise.

Bluebird seems to have a firm grasp of Lead Scoring from a Marketing Automation perspective and the notion of “stalled” leads or Buddha Belly bulges (BBB?) It’s a little too sanitary for my own liking but being that most organizations don’t lead score at all this vid serves as a nice high level overview. We publish a lot of Lead Scoring 101 materials of our own and you can find them in the resources area of our site:

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At the end of the day marketers need to know their audience and Marketing Automation helps them assign quantifiable and repeatable scores to ensure that behavior, demographics and interest allow the best leads to “bubble up”. I will note that to begin a lead scoring implementation probably the WORST team to have build the initial blocks of that system are your own marketing employees. I’ve dealt with many an organization that wanted to roll out lead scoring and thought they knew their buyer very well. If you start by saying you know your buyer well and you haven’t ever purchased your product – you’ve probably already lost the battle. To know a buyer you have to be the buyer or get actual buyers in the virtual “room” and see where they fall in terms of how and why they bought. Don’t start with job titles, don’t start with budget or business need. Start with psychology. And have some one ignorant of your product facilitate this. If it’s done right, you WILL learn a lot about how and why people buy – not even just in relation to your product or service.

We are all consumers, we all need to feel fulfilled by what we consume. Just because we are at work and buy in a B2B environment doesn’t mean we leave our personal needs at the door. Lead Scoring should get to the bottom of our “felt need” as a B2B buyer. Where does trust fall? How do we justify cost? How does our role within an organization determine what the product means to me? A lot goes into developing a Lead Scoring system that your existing marketing team will simply make assumptions around or skip over. I strongly recommend involving your best customers in the process and look to a demand generation agency for help in facilitating this. We ARE a demand gen agency and YES we did hire an outside resource to facilitate this exercise. It sparked conversation, argument – and ultimately a set of buyer personas that I have yet to see one of our customers fall outside the bounds of. Each of our 60+ engagements went through our own lead scoring system, bubbled up to our sales team and fit one of our 4 profiles of our target buyer. Not many organizations can say that.


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